Nyla Zak

I’m Nyla Zak, a sophomore born in Chicago, raised in Pittsburgh. I am a member of the Cheerleading Squad, Psych Club, WFEA, and BoD. I like walking around campus, participating in campus-wide events, and sports games. I am interested in Educational Psychology because I am interested in how that can affect the different stages of development.


Research Proposals:

1: The effect of siblings/ strength of sibling relationship has on the development of personality traits. I would want to look at a younger range of children (6-12 yrs old) with at least one sibling to see how those relationships grow. I would want to look at how the age gaps or genders can effect the strength of the relationships and how that translates to specific personality traits. This is something I want to do research on because I recently became a big sister and I would like to see how my being significantly older could affect the kind of personality she forms.

2: The effects different types of bullying can have on a child’s wellbeing and development. The population I would look at would be around 8-18 because we are still developing and bullying most affects children in that range. I would want to look at physical, mental/emotional, and cyber bullying to not only see the effects of each but how different the reactions are. This is something I want to do more research on because bullying is something that my school wouldn’t really talk about and I feel like it affected more people in my school than they might have realized.


prevalence of bullying–>roles (bully or victim)

Types–> traditional vs cyber

Social learning theory

Impact of bullying–>autonomy (Crochik, 2017)



current study

Mental on academic achievement


Physical on academic achievement



Attribution–> Internalization vs externalization




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