Jamie Gottfried

About Me

My name is Jamie Gottfried, I am a sophomore, and I am from Upper Sandusky, Ohio. (Not by Cedar Point, I actually live two hours south of Cedar Point, we are up the Sandusky river however, which is where the name comes from)

My favorite things to do on campus are playing guitar in a hammock when the weather is nice, or when its cruddy outside, taking over the drum set practice room in Schiede to do homework in.

I am interested in educational psychology because I enjoy working with children and want to better understand how they learn and develop as they grow up.

Article Critique topic ideas

One idea for what I could possibly do the research proposal on would be on high school students who have physical disabilities. This would involve a survey about how they perceive their peers are treated by educators versus how they are treated, and how they feel about any accommodations they have in place and if teachers see them as necessary or not. This is important to me because I dealt with teachers in high school who saw my accommodations as unnecessary and as such treated me differently from my peers.

Another idea would be on high schoolers who listen to heavy metal and if they are seen as trouble making and are ‘given up on’ by teachers even if they excelled previously in the subject. This could be done via a survey of student perspectives, or teachers perspectives along with the type of music students would self report listening to. This is a topic of interest because I saw some things like what I’m talking about happen to my friends in high school, and I’m curious to see if this is a more universal thing or just something that happens in rural areas like where I grew up.


Current Outline of my Rough Draft:

General Findings for Able Bodied Students

At the high school level.

Current Studies on Self-Efficacy and Disabilities

Visible disabilities.

Invisible disabilities.

How these are similar.

How these are different.

Work Involving Students with Disabilities

Current Study

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